About Us
Who are we?

    St. Paul's is the oldest house of worship in Beloit, Wisconsin, having been built in 1850.  We are located in downtown Beloit, close to the Rock River, at 212 W. Grand Avenue.

    We are a diverse parish, of young and old, "cradle" Episcopalians and converts, whites, Asians, and African-Americans, blue collar and white collar.  What we share is a love of the Lord, and a conviction that we can grow in our faith and make a difference in the greater Beloit community.  "We follow Christ's teachings.  We grow spiritually.  We serve the needs of our neighbors." (St. Paul's mission statement).

    We offer Sunday School for your children, and child care as well.  Soft toys are also available in the rear of the church if you have small children that you wish to have stay with you in church.

     We love welcoming visitors, and hope they become friends, and friends become members.  We look forward to seeing you come through our doors sometime soon!

About Us